French Cooking Tutorials

Get an introduction to French cuisine with these videos Tutorials:

  • All the content is made so that anyone trying the exercises can succeed first time around.
  • The format used is an easy to follow, step by step instruction method.
  • No rush here, all the videos are 10 to 15 minutes in length.
  • You have a voice, ask anything anytime using the comments section on the channel.
  • what should I watch first? there are a number of playlists available on the channel. you can choose from depending on what you are after. (again if there is something you like to see just ask)

Why not start by watching one of my most popular video tutorial:

Here is a selection of video playlist for you to watch.

All of the cooking videos on this site are accessible via my YouTube channel and are free of charge. Not only you can access the videos anytime you like, but if you subscribe to the channel you will become part of a community of more than 75 000 francophiles and French food lovers sharing the same passion for food as you do. So come and join us, learn a lot, elevate your cooking skills and impress your friends and family.

Clicking on any of the topics below will give access to a series of video on that particular subject.

The classics

10 French recipes anyone can cook

French bistro recipes

French starters and appetisers

Poultry and game recipes

Beef recipes

Pork recipes

Vegetarian recipes

Side dishes

Easy French dessert

But what about Books?

This is a question I am always being asked : “what book should I buy if I am a beginner cook.

Well, If you wonder what  professional cooking books to buy,  here are some great culinary books that I am using :



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