Creating a good looking dessert from scratch.

How many time have you been to a good restaurant or cafe, ordered a dessert, and when it arrived you went like Wow! that looks good!

Having worked in few good restaurants, cafes and hotels in the past, I will take you through the part that you never see when you place your order as it happens in the kitchen.

So let’s invent something sIMPLE

Lets call that dessert: “the fruity passion yogurt” ( I know I am terrible at giving names for dishes)
Alright, so you order that dish for your breakfast, So in the Kitchen we will hear: “One Fruity Passion Please”

Lets start with the base

1- Put a  good amount of Plain Yogurt in a bowl

plain yogurt
plain yogurt
2-  Add some Blueberries

3 – Then add some red fruits

red fruits
red fruits
4- and finally sprinkle some roasted cashew on top

roasted cashew
roasted cashew

for the garnish

Now that you have your base, you can start with adding garnish. Passion fruits always looks good and since you need a sweet element let’s add some honey. I am using  here a delicious Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey.

Sprinkle some of the passion fruit seed and swirl your honey over the fruits:


Time to dress it up

Done! your yogurt dessert has been created. Of course you have to dress it up to give it the wow factor. Simply use half a passion fruit, a few mint leaves and a bit icing sugar and see how the magic happens.

This is the end result you can now serve your Fruity passion Yogurt Dessert.

Some next  time you make a dessert just follow similar steps to achieve great results.


the French Cooking Academy


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