Australian Craft beers

I have now been in Australia for 3 years and as a good Frenchman of course, I had no choice but explore, taste and compare the majority of wines the new world had to offer.But along my journey,and across the many Australian wine roads I kept seeing other places advertised where huge crowds where stopping by during they wines tours.But these were no cellar doors.

The road signs indicated: Brewery:

Australian Craft beers
Australian Craft beers

A brewery in the middle of the wine road!? how bizarre. now I have to be honest and say that I never have been a Beer fan. and away from the occasional Scottish Ale and German Wheat beer I would usually never drink it. But, that was until I discovered Craft beers and Micro breweries.I never heard Australia being famous for beers when I was in Europe which is surely due to my lack of knowledge of beers in general, but honestly, the craft beer movement here is actually HUGE and everyone in every state is making their own brew. its just CRAZY!

The craze even extend to people at home brewing stuff. This is like a Beer brewing Bonanza and you know what? After all this time spent in Australia and as a seasoned French foodie / wine lover, I actually think that beer in OZ is what wine is to France.

So of course I started trying this craft beers and let me tell you: “This stuff is good!” and that is coming from someone that never use to like and drink beer ,so I am telling you that if you like your beers give Australian beers a go.

Why do I like Australian craft beers?

For me what makes the difference is that these beers are brewed in very small batches, the recipes are always different and its made by a bunch of young passionate guys which make the beers taste like they have been hand forged every single time. What I love as well is that even if you drink the same beer every single time, it would always have a very slightly different taste when new batch is made. it is actually comparable to vintages in France. depending on season the taste of the wine will vary and that’s what making it special.

Now Let me share the latest highlight in Australian beer brewing:

One the best summer beer mankind has ever brewed:

Pacific Ale from Stone&Wood Brewery – Byron Bay: Inspired by our home on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and brewed using all Australian barley, wheat and Galaxy hops, Pacific Ale is cloudy and golden with a big fruity aroma and a refreshing finish.

Stone and wood pacific_ale
Stone and wood pacific_ale
Pacific ale
Pacific ale

Most popular australian CRAFT BEERS for 2014

1 . Feral Brewing Company – Hop Hog – Pale Ale (American)
2 . Stone and Wood Brewing Co – Pacific Ale – Pale Ale (Australian)
3 . 4 Pines Brewing Company – Pale Ale – Pale Ale (American)
4 . Little Creatures – Pale Ale – Pale Ale (American)
5 . La Sirène Brewing – Belgian Praline – Belgian Specialty Ale
6 . Riverside Brewing Co. – 777 IIPA – Double IPA
7 . Mountain Goat Brewery – Summer Ale – Pale Ale (Australian)
8 . Noisy Minor – Anzus IPA –
9 . Bridge Road Brewers – Beechworth Pale Ale –
10. 4 Pines Brewing Company – Kolsch – Kölsch
11. Fortitude Brewing Company – Original Golden Ale – Pale Ale (Australian)
12. KAIJU! Beer – Where Strides the Behemoth – Specialty IPA
13. Two Birds Brewing – Taco Beer – Specialty Beer
14. Noisy Minor – Admiral Ackbar – Specialty Beer
15. Modus Operandi Brewing Co – The Former Tenant Red IPA – IPA (American)
16. Mash Brewing – Copy Cat – IPA (American)
17. Riverside Brewing Co. – 77 IPA – IPA (American)
18. Mountain Goat Brewery – The Delmont – IPA (American)
19. KAIJU! Beer – Hopped Out Red – Amber Ale (USA)
20. Prancing Pony Brewery – India Red Ale – IPA (American)
21. Thirsty Crow – Vanilla Milk Stout –
22. Feral Brewing Company – Barrique O Karma – Pale Ale (American)
23. Stone and Wood Brewing Co – Cloud Catcher – Pale Ale (Australian)
24. White Rabbit Brewery – Dark Ale –
25. Matilda Bay Brewing Company – Fat Yak – Pale Ale (American)
26. Mountain Goat Brewery – Steam Ale – Pale Ale (Australian)
27. Two Birds Brewing – Sunset Ale – Amber Ale (USA)
28. Coopers – Pale Ale –
29. KAIJU! Beer – Metamorphosis – IPA (American)
30. Little Creatures – IPA – IPA (American)
31. Holgate Brewhouse – Temptress – Porter
32. Mountain Goat Brewery – Fancy Pants – Amber Ale (USA)
33. Feral Brewing Company – Watermelon Warhead – Pale Ale (American)
34. Hawthorn Brewing – Pale Ale – Pale Ale (American)
35. Mismatch Brewing Company – Archie’s Red Ale – Amber Ale (USA)
36. La Sirène Brewing – Cherie Kriek – Fruit Lambic
37. Mismatch Brewing Company – Session Ale – Pale Ale (Australian)
38. Bacchus Brewing Co – Sex, Drugs & Rocky Road – Porter
39. Mornington Peninsula Brewery – Imperial Stout – Russian Imperial Stout
40. Shenanigans Brewing – Winston – Pale Ale (American)
41. Two Birds Brewing – Bantam IPA – IPA (American)
42. Mountain Goat Brewery – India Red Ale – IPA (American)
43. Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel – Three Sheets Pale –
44. Malt Shovel Brewery – Hop Thief – Pale Ale (American)
45. Bridge Road Brewers – Bling IPA –
46. KAIJU! Beer – Aftermath – Double IPA
47. Stone and Wood Brewing Co – Jasper Ale – Old Ale
48. Hargreaves Hill Brewing Company – ESB –
49. 4 Hearts Brewing – Pale Ale – Pale Ale (American)
50. Mornington Peninsula Brewery – IPA – IPA (American)
51. Little Creatures – Bright Ale –
52. Mountain Goat Brewery – Hightail Ale – Best Bitter
53. 4 Pines Brewing Company – Extra Special Bitter – ESB (Extra Special Bitter)
54. Burleigh Brewing Company – 28 Pale Ale – Pale Ale (American)
55. Malt Shovel Brewery – 150 Lashes – Pale Ale (American)
56. La Sirène Brewing – Saison – Saison
57. Moon Dog – Black Lung IV – Smoked Beer (non Rauchbier)
58. Two Birds Brewing – Golden Ale – Pale Ale (Australian)
59. 2 Brothers Brewery – Growler –
60. Holgate Brewhouse – Road Trip – IPA (American)
61. Vale Brewing – Vale IPA –
62. Six String Brewing Company – Dark Red India Pale Ale –
63. Boatrocker Brewing Co – Hop Bomb IPA –
64. NAIL Brewing Australia – Clout Stout –
65. Vale Brewing – Vale Ale –
66. Kooinda Boutique Brewery – Black IPA aka Full Nelson – Specialty Beer
66. Boatrocker Brewing Co – Ramjet –
68. NAIL Brewing Australia – Red Ale – Amber Ale (USA)
69. BrewCult – Hop Zone Session IPA –
70. La Sirène Brewing – Wild Saison – Saison
71. Malt Shovel Brewery – The Chancer – Blonde/Golden Ale
72. Mornington Peninsula Brewery – Pale Ale – Pale Ale (American)
73. Holgate Brewhouse – Mt. Macedon Pale Ale – Pale Ale (American)
74. Brew Boys – Hoppapotamus –
75. Young Henrys Brewing Company – Newtowner – Pale Ale (Australian)
76. Bridge Road Brewers – Bling Bling Imperial IPA –
77. Stone and Wood Brewing Co – Garden Ale – Pale Ale (Australian)
78. 2 Brothers Brewery – Grizz –
79. NAIL Brewing Australia – Hughe Dunn Brown –
80. Stone and Wood Brewing Co – Stone Beer – Specialty Beer
81. Little Creatures – Rogers – Amber Ale (USA)
82. Odyssey Tavern & Brewery – Calypso Pale Ale –
83. Murrays Craft Brewing Co – Angry Man Pale Ale – Pale Ale (American)
84. Feral Brewing Company – Sly Fox – Pale Ale (American)
85. White Rabbit Brewery – Pale Ale – Pale Ale (Belgian)
86. Moon Dog – Jumping the Shark 2014 –
87. Feral Brewing Company – B.F.H. (Barrel Fermented Hog) – Pale Ale (American)
88. Coopers – Sparkling Ale –
89. Ekim Brewing Co – After Battle Pale – Pale Ale (American)
90. Holgate Brewhouse – Hopinator – IPA (American)
91. Stone and Wood Brewing Co – Lager – Munich Helles
92. Modus Operandi Brewing Co – Zoo Feeder IPA – IPA (American)
93. Australian Brewery – Pale Ale –
94. Prancing Pony Brewery – Pale Ale – Pale Ale (Australian)
95. All Inn Brewing Co – Pocahontas American IPA –
96. BrewCult – Can’t Fight The Funk –
97. Feral Brewing Company – Tusk – IPA (American)
98. Mountain Goat Brewery – India Pale Ale – IPA (American)
99. 2 Brothers Brewery – Crème Caramel – Eisbock
100. Wolf of the Willows – XPA – Extra Pale Ale – Pale Ale (American)

To finish I would like to support my local brewery which is the australian first female owned brewing company!
BEERS from Two Birds BREWING

golden aleTwo Birds Golden Ale is brewed using ale, wheat and Vienna malts to provide the rich, golden color and a light honey character. Motueka hops from New Zealand contribute melon and citrus aromas and flavours while Australian Summer hops deliver spice and apricot notes.

Sunset aleTwo Birds Sunset Ale is brewed using a distinct combination of malts including pale, wheat and Crystal malts to provide the round, rich, toffee notes. The addition of US Citra and Australian Cascade hops adds a twist of grapefruit and tropical notes to balance the biscuity malt base.

Taco BeerTwo Birds Taco is brewed using ale and wheat malts, with an addition of flaked corn. Citra and Amarillo hops contribute citrus and fruity characters, which complement the additions of coriander leaf and fresh lime peel. The beer pours a hazy shade of pale and we use a clean, ale yeast to allow the fresh flavours to shine.

Two Birds Bantam IPA is a handcrafted, full flavoured, session India Pale Ale. This copper-coloured beer shows tropical and fruit salad notes, with refined bitterness which gives it great drinkability. This brew is smooth, clean and fruity. With lower alcohol than a standard IPA, this lil’ beer punches well above its weight!

So from now on I will try visit some local micro breweries and share a few pictures and stories.




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