Do I need to make my own Cooking stock?

Cooking stock plays a vital role in french cooking especially when making sauces, Veloute and other preparations.

cooking stocks
cooking stocks

In today’s hectic world most people don’t have hours to spare near stove anymore so the easy options for many is to go out and buy a ready made cooking stock.

To be honest I have tried all kind of ready made product myself: the basic stuff from the supermarket all the way to the super duper organic green range cooking stocks and really most of the time it’s has been a disappointment due to the lack of taste in these products.

So since I am running that growing YouTube french cooking channel dedicated to teaching basic French cooking skills, I though I was ough to revisit the stock making from scratch process while of course keeping in mind the home cook with its little time available. Surprisingly I realized that making your own professional grade stock not only does not take that much time but also isn’t complicated at all!

as part of that quick post I decided to share these discoveries with you:

The first one we will look at,is the fish fumet as its called in France. The fish fumet is really the fastest and more tasty of all the stock that you can make at home. It can be done in 20 minutes and is the great for any seafood pastas, pies, fish dish and is so good that it can also be used as a base to make a real french fish soup. Another great thing about this stock is that you if make enough of it you can freeze it in small batches and have it ready for further use.

So let’s have a look at how to make a real French fish fumet:

French fish stock (fumet) recipe
French fish stock (fumet) recipe

For this recipe you need:

600 grams of fresh fish bones (white fish only
50 grams of shallots
80 grams of onion
30 grams of carrot
50 grams of butter
1 fresh bouquet garni
10Cl of White wine
salt adn pepper

for the step by step instruction please check out this  link


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