What is a Kitchen Workstation?

What are those  Kitchen workstation or “Stations” as they’re commonly called on today’s cooking shows?   A WORKSTATION !?  Isn’t that a computer or a desk or something?

Well not exactly….

back in the days it looked like that:

Old workstation
Old workstation
If you are new to the cooking world you need to know that the term “station” or “workstation” is used a quite lot in the culinary world. The Kitchen workstation is simply the area that is dedicated to prepare food in the kitchen.  Simply put, It is you own little corner, your own little space.

nowadays there are two types of Workstation:

The Fixed workstation is a purpose built stainless steel or stone benchtop which is fully equipped with drawers, doors and sits on wheels. The home friendly versions are commonly called “Kitchen islands” are usually made of wood and integrate some storage space as seen on the picture here.

Modern fixed Workstation
Modern fixed Workstation or “Island”
The Mobile workstation on the other hand is a workspace that you create yourself  using a few containers, a chopping boards and all the equipment you need while preparing food in . on this picture you can sdee an example of  a mobile workstation.

The Mobile Workstation
The Mobile Workstation
It is always a good idea to use the same dedicated space over and over while working in the kitchen, that way you can really create you little corner in which you will feel comfortable and confident to prepare food.

When it comes to setting up your workstation, what equipment to use is a personal choice and can really vary depending on what you will be preparing on the day.

to setup your workstation you can consider using the following:

  • A chopping board
  • 2 tea towels
  • A set of knifes (one chef knife, one paring knife and a filetting knife
  • A roll kitchen paper towels
  • 3 medium size metal trays to put your food, vegetables peel and finished product
  • 1 small glass or metal bowl
  • 1 vegetable peeler
  • A container filled with water containing : one wooden spoon, one spatula, 2 tespoons, 2 table spoons, 1 small laddle, 1 whisk and a small skimmer.

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