Preparing vegetables: dos and don’t


Before starting to cook anything you need to get your basics covered. to start with you need to know how to wash, peel and prepare vegetables. it’s not rocket science but there is still a workflow that exist if you want to learn how to cook properly and get the good habits straight from the beginning.

First important things before you start any recipes, you need to gather your ingredients first. so when it comes to vegetables. just take a tray or a big roasting pan for example then go around your kitchen pantry and fridge and gather all the vegetables you will need for your recipe.

After that you can pre-wash all of your vegetables to get rid of any excess of dirt, sand etc… and put then back on your container.

The peeling process:

Do not peel on a chopping board
Do not peel on a chopping board

The first rule you need to obey which also the one thing that will make you stand out from the crowd, is making a habit of not  peeling vegetables on a chopping board. This sounds silly but it is actually one of the most common mistake a lot of people make. You just do not peel vegetables on a chopping board. full stop. reason being you will contaminate your chopping board with dirt sand and other element you do not wish to have in your food.

correct way to peel vegetables
correct way to peel vegetables

The right way of doing things when peeling vegetables is to use a container to hold your vegetables and you peels separately. Not only it is more hygienic,  but it is also a much easier and a more organized way of working, especially if you have lots of vegetables to prepare.

A quick word about potatoes:

do not keep potatoes exposed to air
Do not keep potatoes exposed to air

Not all vegetables can be exposed to open air, in this example potatoes are one of the few vegetable that you have to keep in water immediately after they are peeled if you do not do that your potatoes will turned black due to oxidation.

Keep them in Water

Always keep potatoes in water
Always keep potatoes in water

Once peeled immediately keep your potatoes fully emerge in water as shown on the picture. if you are using the potatoes in the next few minutes then of course you can skip that steps.


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